Bumping into the ex

So how awkward is this?  What is the accepted protocol?

We had an on/off relationship for a few years. At the time I thought I wanted it to be more serious. In hindsight I know now that it would not have been the right thing for me. He seemed happy most of the time with it being casual but in the end our differences led to an argument, we parted and there’s been little contact since. He knows that I’ve been seeing someone else for many years since but once or twice a year he texts me to try his luck and I don’t respond.

Last evening I bumped into him in a local supermarket. We said hello and then he opened his arms to give me a hug. Eurgh! How did I ever let this man touch me? I couldn’t just leave him standing there with his arms open. Could I? So I stepped into his arms but turned my face away from him and rapidly pulled away.  Then we made polite conversation, asking about family and the like. I couldn’t get away quick enough and bolted for the checkouts. He then went and picked the same line as me, albeit with a couple more customers between us, and tried to continue our conversation over their heads. I dashed from the store to get away in my vehicle, hoping that he wouldn’t see my new set of wheels because he always previously knew the type of car I drove.

If he runs true to form I’m expecting him to text in a day or two to say ‘how nice it was to run into me’. I’m just hoping he doesn’t take it a step further and turn up on my doorstep. I feel on edge and don’t like it.


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